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    Default Young Jehovah's Witness

    A young Jehovah's witness knocks on the door to find an old man answering. He says could I talk to you about what God means to you sir.

    Certainly of course you can young man come in. says the old man and escorts him in
    to the living room. Would you like a cup of tea, asks the old man. I’d love one says the young Jehovah. Would you like a piece of cake, asks the old man. Oh that would be lovely says the young man.

    The old man brings a tray into the living room with the tea on and a fruit cake and he proceeds to pour the tea and offer the young man his slice of cake.

    He then turns to the young man and says ok son what comes next

    “I Don’t know says the young man I’ve never got this far before……!

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