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    Default Re: It's aGout that time again

    So nearly 5 weeks in, I'm still fucking crocked.

    Having initially started with a pain in the ankle/foot, it then blew up into what you have seen above, swollen, red patchy etc.

    Managed to get out the house after week 3, and get to the DRs.

    Quack assessed and agreed didn't look like gout, and thought possible cellulitis infection & put me on a week of flucloxacillin. I've no idea if this helped or not, but the swelling did go down. I also had blood test done which came back as Uric acid levels a little high, but within normal level, so not Gout.

    It's been just over a week, and i'm off crutches, but unable to walk/move/weight bear on the ball of my tow. I've got a throbbing at nights and it's painful when moving side to side also. I'm currently walking on my heel, which is a bit painful.

    I've got an XRay on Monday to see what the fucking fuck is going on.

    Feel like tendons and such are overly tight and very painful when bending toes up and down and moving the ankle.

    I'm fucking lot as to what the fuck this is.

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    Default Re: It's aGout that time again

    I have in the past had infections etc and been prescribed Flucloxacillin for it to slightly improve but not cure the issue only to end up going back and being prescribed a different antibiotic that did the job.

    I know they say things are starting to get antibiotic resistant and I get the impression flucloxacillin is the first one to start failing.

    Happened more than once, I remember one was a spider bite and it would not go till they gave me an alternative AntiB pill.

    Thanks to piggzy

    BigBrand (23rd March 2017) 

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