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    mrphil said:

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    Hi all

    trying to setup my cctv to the internet...

    im getting

    Test Gateway..... OK
    Test Network..... OK
    Test DNS.....ERR

    im with sky, and currently have the network settings set to

    Netcard: wire netcard
    DHCP enable: unticked
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Media port: 8000
    HTTP port: 85
    HS download: unticked
    Transfer policy: quality preferred

    complete newbie here so if someone has the patience and kindness to guide me that would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance
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    Over Carl said:

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    I noticed your primary/secondary DNS is

    Try changing it to


    Test with that config and let me know how you get on. If you hate google (for privacy or other reasons), use as secondary.

    Just wondering, why for DNS?

    Also once you have got the DNS bit sorted, I would suggest changing the IP from to something much higher.

    Your router uses a protocol called DHCP to give out IP addresses from a pool. Often routers are configured so the first address is reserved for router, and the DHCP pool will hand out addresses from

    I would suggest making the pool smaller (e.g. 199 addresses from as I suspect 199 is more than enough devices. Then will never be given to any devices. Then setup your camera with an address in the range so there is no chance of another device being given the same IP address as your camera via DHCP. If you have two devices on same network with same IP address, you will have fun and games.

    In theory the problem I mentioned of IP address clash should never happen, I think router is supposed to send out ARP packets to confirm whether an IP address is in use, but I have seen this issue a few times myself in real life.
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    mrphil said:

    Default Re: DVR / DNS issues

    I'll be damned!
    changed DNS to what you said and it works!

    cctv now on my phone working perfectly. Can't thank you enough!