More cctv troubles 😱😓 signal attenuation? Cameras faulty?

Thread: More cctv troubles 😱😓 signal attenuation? Cameras faulty?

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    So after my issues with the tv and getting a new one, after a few days of really impressive results and quality, and finally setting the DVR to the internet for remote viewing I know have a new issue ����

    it started with the one camera first doing the flickering and jumping about and then that stopped and as in one of the photos you could see a purple haze, now the other camera has started doing it, and now I'm 90% down on cctv as it spends most of the time flickering about with the bars and now stripes...

    ive changed the ac adaptor, swapped plug sockets, tapped the cameras, banged the DVR and wiggled the wires, switched cables, left one lot of cables unplugged, rebooted numerous times and still the same!

    im either thinking there's some signal interference? The cables run down the side of the window in trunking, through the upvc frame, down the wall in trunking, around the corner of carpet but tucked under, down through the ceiling straight through the joist, down the kitchen wall in trunking, hole in the kitchen work top, and then run behind the dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and up behind the back of the fridge to the DVR which is sat on top, hell of a journey! Could it be a possibility that there's interference from any point of the wires journey? I even thought maybe the fridge is affecting it?

    or is it just a faulty batch of cameras that don't like this unsettled cold weather, although there out of the elements there still open to the cold... I've checked the junction box and relaxed the wires and this had no effect.

    they have not got wet as there under the soffit, and there has been no direct sun on them...

    any suggestions, I have emailed the seller on eBay but there in China so ill probably get a reply 4am, although it was sent from the uk....

    Any help would be appreciated! Again.... ����


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    As a video feed issue (or looks that way at least) it could be the cables, connections, camera or even the DVR so that doesn't help narrow it down. If one of those two cameras together works then I'd suggest swapping cables and after testing swap their input on the DVR to see what happens.

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    Both cameras are playing up, so can't even do any tests, the DVR has 4 channels, I've tried the cameras in the other two and it's still the same... what I'll try tomorrow is unplugging the hdd and see if that had any effect... it's just process of elimination!

    stupidly when I drilled through the joist one of the wires was still hanging down basically this is what happened

    O (the hole) was already there, and I was unable to get the next lead through as the hole was 16mm and due to the wire there's wasn't enough width to get the next plug through so right next to the O (the hole) I drilled another so - OO - but the drill bit slipped and wound the wire up and chewed it a bit, but didn't snap or damage all the way through, just the sheath was a bit torn up, luckily it's a type of armoured cable... that hangs in the back of my head, but that would only effect the one length of cable.... and both are doing this..

    So I don't think it's the cables, I do sway more to the cameras.... the DVR loads up fine, displays the menus fine, basically the interface runs sweet with no glitches - it's just the video... when I playback the recording it's the same flickering and all that nonsense so it's recording what it sees therefor the video footage - being the cameras? now speaking to a guy that fits cctv as a hobby he does say it could be the DVR or it could be the cameras.... the cheapest option is to replace one camera at about 15.... but then I could buy another kit for 50 and have the spares....