NANDOne v0.03 for Xbox One Released

Yet Another Great Scene Release, This Time For The Xbox One Console!

@tuxuser has released a Major Rewrite of NANDOne for the Xbox One console, which now scans for the Filesystem Header properly and extracts all the File Names from your Xbox One NAND Flash Dump!
It has been a while since we hear from @tuxuser, but he is back and with nice little update to his previous NANDOne utility, so check out out today at his Official GITHub Project Page which is linked below, and start enjoy playing with your XB1 NAND Flash Dumps again!

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for filesystem header and extracts the binary files. It's probably not very compatible and contains bugs for sure



  • Python 3.*
  • Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump
  • Python libs: construct

Code: [-h] [--extract] filename


-h Help
--extract Extract found files
Example: --extract nanddump.bin


  • Major rewrite
  • Scan for filesystem header at ?all? 3 offsets
  • Extract files by name


  • ExtractSFBXdata: Extracting the bootblock @ addr 0x0
  • mmap: Fixing memory issues on 32bit systems by reading in chunks
  • DumpSFBX: SFBX size is now read dynamically, not fixed anymore
  • 'sfbxscan' is obsolete, that's done automatically now, if needed
  • XVD header gets detected and printed in info output
  • Filetype-magic is appended to extracted filenames
  • Some cleanup
  • Support for parsing and extracting SFBX entries
  • Possibility to scan for SFBX block
  • Additional error checking


  • Initial release

OFFICIAL SITE: --> [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

  • -=(Gary from OPA)=-