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    Hi Guys
    Does anyone have any experience of working with bootstrap.

    I have been using bootstrap in Dreamweaver and using Bootstrap. I am ok with the code and I like the ease at which you can add things in bootstrap.

    I have added the bootstrap navbar and colourised it, however the navbar-brand keeps changing colour when you mouse over it, when it's not a link so it's misleading. I have taken the <a> </a> tag away and made it a <div> </div> it no longer shows up as a link but the text still changes colour

    Now I'm not sure if the CCS is in the jqueiry or the bootstrap coding
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    You should be able to override the CSS by putting an include to your CSS after the bootstrap include. Here's something that may be of help : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Basically don't change the bootstrap code - just add your own
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    Learn Bootstrap by building 10 unique projects in this Bootstrap Development course.