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    Info Free Open University Courses

    I'm not sure if you guys are aware of free courses available in the UK, I've completed a couple myself.

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    They have hundreds of courses covering many subjects including mobile phone game development, WebGL, Programming, Creative Coding, IoT, cyber security, the human body, astronomy, etc.

    If you got a hobby, then you can guarantee they have a course to suit you.
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    By doing loads of these free courses over the years was how I saved a fortune off my degrees back in the day. They count a lot more than you think credit wise to Bachelors and Masters. (or at least they did)

    Was also shocked at how much credit was awarded to all my City & Guilds qualifications too. As they don't exist anymore I assumed they were worthless.

    Well worth a dabble even if its just for the fun of it to learn something.
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    Very true Piggzy!

    I did a course recently on the "Internet of Things" recently, but what shocked me was a woman's toy, that was Linux based and had a vulnerability. We can now trace women using these devices!

    Who would want a 'vibrator' with a camera on the end? This course was backed by GCHQ (Europe). The story comes from Graham Cluley's Blog, who's a Security Advisor, used to work for GCHQ.

    Here's the link to his blog entry on this story.
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