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    Question Sending money home

    Hi all,

    So in just under a month im moving to Amsterdam to start a new job, my other half is going to be staying in the UK for at least 6-12 months to look after her poorly mother. Being paid in Euros what would be the cheapest way to transfer money home on a monthly basis?

    Ive found something called Revolut which says it lets me transfer up to 5000 per month with no fees and uses the spot interbank exchange rate. Other options would be to use a forex exchange system and lock in a exchange rate?

    Anyone else doing what i want to be doing, and what have you found to be the best way to transfer cross currency?


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    My folks live in portugal they transfer the pensions Into Euros every month.
    I know they get a far better rate than anywhere else.

    i will ask who it is they use.
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    Here you go matey.
    They use eris fx.

    The mother in law uses it too when she's away in France.
    My folks bought their house with the service so they are 100% legit.

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