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    Default Re: I smell bullshit

    Quote Originally Posted by tips View Post
    I remember when they first got Caffreys in my local, circa 15+ years ago, and me and a mate decided to gave it a go. I recall ringing him up the next morning to say something along the lines of "I had about 6 pints of that Caffreys stuff and I was leathered, it's bloody rocket fuel". To which he replied "I only had 4 or 5, and I've pissed the bed".
    I think it was about 18 years ago , I was out in town with some mates and they suggested Caffreys, I said yeah ok its smooth. So 6 pints later, in an hour I may add, I was mashed. Then stupidly carried on drinking. Then walked home after throwing up on the railway station. I walked from Leeds city centre to Bramley, yeah Mickey down the by pass too!
    Wonder what the weak stuff tastes like

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    Default Re: I smell bullshit

    Quote Originally Posted by stevo25 View Post
    Wonder what the weak stuff tastes like
    Shite... not the same at all.

    Thanks to piggzy

    stevo25 (11th May 2017) 

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    Default Re: I smell bullshit

    Gone of ales to be honest. They were getting too easy to drink. The main problem, being in capital city, every fkin hipster is having a crack at brewing their own slop. The odd one is good, most are not. Worse still any that are good one week/month are not next time.

    Back on the lager, but in moderation. Peroni seems to smell like fox piss to me. Moretti is alright. Estrella is what I go for in the city pubs 5:50 by the fucking way. Otherwise a regular becks or asahi.

    Seem to be finishing off bottles of wine the missus gets and generally don't have much more than a pint or two. Mixed drink hangovers are killers when u get older. Fuck the sugar ciders. So it appears I am losing interest in one of the last vices I have.

    Dont get me wrong I will still go out with the lads in a Friday for few hours and neck a few pints of anybeer.

    DJ OD
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