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    Over Carl said:

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    I've just been quickly messing with this for last 5 mins and it seems to work ok, but I would really like to be able to use the service with a router or laptop instead.

    Finding the connection type and credentials is pretty easy, however I can't find where they have hidden the 3 certificates (my device isn't rooted).

    I'm guessing this is also why they won't allow the app to be installed on a rooted device.

    I'm thinking though, if the app is installed, then the device is rooted, if we don't run the app, hopefully should be able to find the certificates - I wouldn't be surprised if once the app has been run on a rooted device it might just wipe the certs.

    However I have a bad feeling I will just waste money on getting a crap android just to test this and find it doesn't actually work.

    So I thought I would ask if anyone else has tried this?
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    beerman said:

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    If it installs the certs before it has run surely they are in the apk? Just open the apk with winrar.
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    Over Carl said:

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    After pissing around for a bit longer on my phone, it seems that I can't get a stable connection so it's probably pointless to continue pissing around.

    Many thanks for the idea in case I decide to come back to this.