Anyone done Japan lately?

Thread: Anyone done Japan lately?

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    Default Anyone done Japan lately?

    Wife's just surprised me with a trip to japan next week for my birthday, around 10 days divided between Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

    After dreaming of going for about 20 years, I now realise I have no idea what I would actually do out there with a limited amount of time.

    I found some itineraries on trip advisor...
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    But as always I am terrified of missing something

    So, Any recommendations?
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    After leaving my wife I booked and went on my Japanese adventure. Went to Tokyo and stayed in Shinjuku which was amazing. I'd spend my days in parks and marvelling at the culture. Midnight eating in Shinjuku is awesome. There's a small area just North of the main train station with little alleyways with food vendors. Take a seat, point at food and they cook it in front of you - just like being in Blade Runner

    I found a small bar called the Roadhouse Beer Bar : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Don't know if it's still there but if you go there please say hi from me. The people there are lovely and the atmosphere is great. It's only a tiny bar but I instantly felt at home.

    Shopping - Akihabra of course. Go on a Saturday to see all the mental stuff and cosplay people. Saw AKB48 performing in the middle of the street, robots, so many tiny gadget shops and market stalls. Fantastic.

    Was only there for a week and never even managed to get out of the city there's so much to see.

    Oh - also there's fuck all free wifi which surprised me for such a tech-savvy place. The bar owner at Roadhouse will give you his wifi key if you ask. Get a GPS app that does offline maps before you go - trust me you'll need it. It's such a silo'd place a lot of people don't speak ANY English and the signs can be quite confusing. Robot Restaraunt is weird and interesting but beware of that area. Lots of hostess bars and you WILL get robbed if you go into a lot of the bars. It's in that infamous area were you get a hostess who sits with you - you are made to buy them a drink which could be hundreds of pounds!

    Drinking beer is expensive - expect to pay around 10 a pint. Food is cheap and sake is cheap

    Have fun - I'm so jealous. I'll go back there one day.
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    Thanks EvilBoB, theres definitely some decent info in there. I'll be going with the wife, so my cock won't lead me astray and considering the amount of time I spent on asianthumbs in my youth, that would have otherwise been a very high risk.

    How much would you estimate you spent per day in Tokyo? My wife has exchanged about 430 quid into Yen for the trip but I have a feeling that won't last too long.
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