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    BigBrand said:

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    A new phenomenon to me.

    Never heard or seen them before, bought a half and half pack from Aldi.

    They're super delicious.

    Has anyone else seen the in the shops lately, are they now becoming a "trend", if so, I'm not bloody paying more for them.
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    piggzy said:

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    Will keep an eye out. Never heard of em before but am happy to down a tonne of grapes when the mood suits.

    We only have a Lidl in our area and they sometimes get random stuff in . Tried a Pomelo a few times and quite enjoyed it. Similar to a massive grapefruit but is sweet so you don't need sugar. Size of a basketball if you are lucky.
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    Not seen any Pomelo but I love Pink Grapefruit so sounds right up my street.

    Must admit, when I saw you had replied on this thread, I expected a reference to balloon knot sacks <BG>
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