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    Clubber Lang said:

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    Mate is going to HK

    What is good to buy from there?
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    {{909}} said:

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    just about any electronics are tax free, cameras, lenses etc. Many companies produce HK versions of their products which are much cheaper, but often dont hold any warranty, so watch out for that.
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    evilsatan said:

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    I thought about everything was tax free but only brought back some small gifts like Pandora charms (from a legit Pandora shop). I did get a lot of tailored clothes though, Sams Tailors was pricey but the suit was fantastic and would have cost a fortune in Saville Row.

    I didn't find I was tempted to buy much out there though, the Apple Watch was cheaper but didn't sway me. Don't quote me but I think it may be the cheapest (or almost the cheapest) place for Apple kit.