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    maltloaf said:

    Help Moto Z - opinions ?

    Browsing John Lewis today in store and I came across a stand for the Moto Z and it's add on packs.

    I liked the feel of the phone but I haven't been keeping up with android phone specs. How does it stack up against the competition.

    I was also impressed with the add on pack things, especially the instant projector which was up and running in seconds even though I didn't know what I was doing !

    Any other phones have this capability and how useful is it in the real world ?


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    MHP said:

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    I bought a Moto G4 and a G4 Plus (both Bamboo backed) from the Moto store last Christmas. Very impressed with the build quality and the OS was bloat free. Motorola seem to be filling the gap that the Google Nexus phones left after they switched to Pixel.
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    Over Carl said:

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    I had the G, G2 and G4+ and loved them all, but they are cheap lower end handsets compared to the Z.

    I liked the genuine wood back upgrade (only available from motomaker website), this is available for the Z, but not many other customisations, however the idea of the add on speakers/projector/etc seems quite interesting.

    I just smashed the screen on my G4+ last weekend, and I'm split between getting an original Motorola replacement screen, or going for the Moto X due to smash resistant screen and 48 hour battery.

    Even though so far I've only used their G budget range, I've been very happy with each phone and have had no complaints so far. One thing I've liked is that all the handsets I had have received at least one official Motorola android update come through automatically and as mentioned the devices normally come unlocked with no network provider bloatware.
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    mitchb said:

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    I bought a G4 to replace my nexus 4. Was a little hesitant as aware of previous issues with moto's quality

    Like MHP said it feels like moto are filling the nexus gap as no noticeable difference in quality and no issues with performance.
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    rmj2663 said:

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    Looking to replace My Samsung S6 in Nov, but unsure which way to go.
    The last update has screwed it completely, it keeps freezing and I have to re-boot, sometimes 3 /4 times a day.
    Not sure if its phone or bloatware that has auto installed - Xbox controller for example, WHY??
    Really pisses me off.