Just a heads up for anyone trying IPTV that you may want to look at e2m3ubouquets here:

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It's a script that takes m3u format files from many popular providers and creates all the bouquets for you so you still get the standard Enigma 2 user experience and also supports the config of epgimporter just needing you to add one source.

If you use the -i parameter with the script it will use the 4097 service id which you can then use in conjunction with serviceapp to use exteplayer3 - your milage may vary but on the Technomate TM-Nano-SE I'm using here CPU has gone from 100% while using Xtream or xcplugin to about 2% and it stays in sync over time.

It may not suit everyone but it's the best way I've seen yet to extend the life of Enigma 2 boxes easily.

Xtream and xcplugin just locked up way too often for me.