Hate working with cunts.

Thread: Hate working with cunts.

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    Currently in a temp job and been there since March and whilst I appreciate the work and the wage, I hate having to work with such lazy, two faced back stabbing bastards. Supposed to be a 'team' yet the so called team leader is about as effective as a chocolate fire poker and other people stretch out the easiest of jobs that should take maybe an hour to lasting most of the day, knowing other people are struggling but don't give a shit.

    The production manager was sacked a month or so ago for various reasons and his replacement is starting to make a difference and noticing shit going on and the lazy fuckers are moaning and reporting him to the office bods because he's 'rocking the boat' as they see it.

    Anyone else hate who they have to work with? I can't be the only one lol.
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    I work from home and hate every miserable cunt here!
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    Working on a ship for 4 weeks and the same people day and day out can be tedious. By the end of the 4 weeks I'm ready to throw some cunts over the side and send them to a watery grave

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