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    Detector said:

    Info mods

    no new mods or hacks come into the wild since I have been away lads?
    for the xbox one?
    my son has one in the bedroom and I'm dying to do something with it
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    piggzy said:

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    Nope, not looking promising either.

    Buy a Nintendo :-)
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    Detector said:

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    am getting a switch for my son for xmas mate
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    I'd hedge my bets on the X1 not getting a real hack. There are too many updates which would limit the appeal - although I don't know if the newer games require the newer dashboards but I would guess that would be the case. Also the hardware revisions are not minor between X1, X1S and X1X. I would think the homebrew dev scene will stick with the universal apps (UWP). From what I understand Kodi is even being ported to it so if they get that working I can't see a real high demand for any hacks or mods unless it's to play copies and even then the installs are so large, there are so many updates and most games now seem to be well over 50% mulitplayer or online so would make it unfeasible.

    As Piggzy says the Switch is looking the most likely/promising right now.
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