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    When working on the ship we often sit just off the coast about 12 miles off..... Basically just on the border of 4g range which is a pain in the arse. Sitting in my cabin I can't get a signal but with my porthole open I sit my phone there and can get a signal..... Barely..

    Signal comes and goes and I'd like access to my 20gb phone data plan instead of the poxy limited 2gb throttled plan the ships internet provides...

    I know signal boosters are illegal in the UK.... Anyone know of any cheap dongles that would be able to hang out of my porthole to catch the signal... Or a legal booster?

    I'm on Ee with a Samsung s7

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    What about this?

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    I got a dongle that had a little connector on the side then I bought a directional Antenna from maplin with a 2 metre cable that plugged into dongle and then you aimed said antenna in roughly the direction you thought the nearest mast was and hey presto. Signal sort of came and went but was a lot better than nothing.

    Will have a look on maplin and see if it still exists.

    Also you can search for a 4G router using the phrase 'high gain' these use higher power but are just within the limits of being classed a booster and are therefore legal.
    I had one which I believe TP Link made but I could be mistaken on the make.