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    Most of the media reckons he is plotting a takeover attempt to get the leadership - but surely it is the complete opposite? It feels like he is doing everything he can to get sacked.

    He still wants the leadership one day, but knows it isn't going to be soon, and so he's playing the long game, in the hope of swooping back into the frame in 5 or 10 years to 'save the day' once this EU lark is finished. He's far more calculating than people give him credit for.

    He knows that Brexit is heading towards disaster, so he wants to get as far away from it as possible. If he resigns he looks wimpish, but if he is sacked he could later spin it as being rebellious and principled (look at Corbyn).

    The 350m reference was a dead giveaway. Possibly the most toxic quote in politics this decade, and he brings it up in a newspaper column out of the blue. He must have known what would happen.
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    I think Theresa May knows this and is going to take him down with her, she's not letting him slip away that easy.
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    No one really want to be in the hot seat when we leave the EU as the history books won't be nice to them.

    There is still time for a leader to offer a second EU referendum. I believe in unicorns too.
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    In my best tory toff voice Personally I think it's all marvellous. lol. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. My favourite part is that there is about 5 real factions. 1. Boris lovers 2. Cameron's "modernisers" 3. Hammond 4. Pro Eu and finally Hate EU.....
    To be totally honest Labour are not too much better but the main difference being the leader really is in control and with the changes in the nec and other technical victories for pro corbyn....corbyn's enemies may well have high profiles and high positions but imho the writing is on the wall for them.
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    I've accepted that nothing actually makes any sense anymore and we are in the era of post truth politics.
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    Identity politics is ripping apart both the main parties. This isn't a good thing. Bipartisanship and compromise seem to have been forgotten in modern politics.

    The Labour Party, as much as I hate to say it, pander to too many special interests and minority issues. The message they should be focusing on is creating a fairer society for everyone. Forget race, religion, sexuality and gender. By focussing too much on gender rights, LGBT rights, the rights of minorities etc. they have lost the majority of the working people. And whether we like it or not, the majority of the working people in this country identify as white, heterosexual and many would consider themselves Christian, whether practising or not. Many of the white working class believe The Labour Party cares more about fringe issues and minorities than they do about them, and it's hard to argue with them. On the surface the loudest voices in the Labour Party are on the fringes. The label the 'looney left' won't be leaving them any time soon unless they win back the hearts and minds of the white working class.

    I couldn't have imagined writing the above just a few years ago. But the more I see the rise of fringe and identity politics, the more I realise that pragmatism is the only way forward. Labour need a much broader base, and they have to accept that they are going to have to upset some groups, which I think have become over sensitive in this age of fake outrage.

    Those who really want a fairer society should look hard at themselves and be willing to sacrifice a little in the short term, in order to see Labour win a majority at the next election.
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    With regards to compromise I was saying exactly the same to some mates who have "found" their political voice in the SNP. I was one of those who voted yes in the independence referendum. But I have lost count of the amount of times I have said that it was not and never was a vote for the SNP. Two totally different things.

    It saddens me to watch supposedly intelligent people vote snp over a Corbyn Labour party and yet the man is the answer to the call for socialist policies that most snp voters are after.

    For me it was never anti English or any of that bollocks. It was a route to flee the direction of Westminster policies. My concerns have been answered by the reforms in the Labour party that are still ongoing.

    The snp really are not socialist. They just pretend to be.....You really need to watch them carefully to see that they are really more right wing within the party (mp's) - The fact is that the snp just delivered a conservative government in Westminster and one that had already told Scotland (rightly) that there would be no independence referendum until well after Brexit.
    Corbyns policies going into the last election were pretty much what people in Scotland had been after since 1979.....I thought it was criminally short sighted for these people not to switch to Labour....even If it was for one term.....then they could have reevaluated the situation. But it was like talking to a brick wall. Now look at them ffs !!! Their own cause has been set back a decade at the very least. Talk about not looking forward and seeing the big picture.

    I have lived and worked in England for the majority of the last 25 years and I am currently living here and can't see myself moving back any time soon. It really helps that I'm in Canterbury and I can stuff it too those who thought that because the political roulette ball came up blue for 130 years that it would come up blue again.....They didn't see it coming and the cat's out the bag down here lol.

    Strange times for sure.

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