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    Review Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam

    Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam.

    I was lucky enough to be the first person (outside of the manufacturers) in the UK to own the latest Nextbase dashcam – the 612GW and here is my review.

    This is a step up from my previous model (412GW) and an improvement over the 512GW – both of which offer 1440p recording (2K resolution).

    The 612GW is the first model from Nextbase which records video at 4K resolution (2160p) on a 3” capacitive 960x240 16:9 touchscreen.

    Below are a few images of the box and contents. The major difference you will see is the brushed metal finish – which gives the dashcam a classy expensive appearance. If you want a stealth dashcam – this will not be it – the front of the unit looks smart but it is going to be noticeable through your windscreen.

    New features incorporated this time around include:

    2 file sizes: A dual file option which records a low-res file (ideal for wi-fi transfers) alongside its 4K counterpart. The low-res file can be turned off via the menu if you choose to do so. Being 4K the file sizes are of course twice that of earlier recent models, so a decent sized memory card is recommended, either 64Gb or 128Gb, and really needs to be the newer U3 class micro SD card, which have the speed to capture 4K data. 15 minutes of video used around 5Gb of space on my card – the manual suggests 200 minutes will fit on a 64Gb memory card and therefore 400 minutes on a 128Gb card.

    Voice confirmation: When you start and stop recording you can turn on voice confirmation mode – though I have not used it for other features or in the menus, so I do not know if it speaks to you when you protect a file for instance.

    Touchscreen Menu: The controls for operation of menu items are on the screen now rather than down the sides of the screen. This is not only much tidier than previously, but means the unit is a smaller size and the compact design looks all the better for it. The icons are clear and obvious, but also have text to describe them though the actual icons are ideal. There are 5 pages and each has 6 further options included. Here you can change many parameters such as video length, resolution, exposure etc., and each press responds quickly to your touch. The screen is capacitive, so gloves will not work – you’ll need your finger tips!

    Lens and sensor: A new lens from Nextbase is a 7G, 150 wide angle f.1/6 lens and an 8.57 megapixel photo sensor that give excellent clarity.

    Speed display: Once the screensaver kicks in you can set the screen to display your speed.

    Other features as expected are the GPS Logger, Wi-Fi connectivity, G Sensor / File protection, Intelligent parking mode, time-lapse, auto dimming (of the screen) and a built in polarising filter (which works brilliantly). To set up the polarising filter correctly, a good way of doing it is leave a mobile phone on the dashboard with the white Google home page open and rotate the filter until the mobile phone disappears from your windscreen reflection!)

    In the box you get all the usual – the 612GW unit, a powered GPS mount, an adhesive and a suction cup mount, power cable, USB cable, a window sticker, quickstart guide and a software disk with full instructions manual.

    There are 2 indicators on the rear of the unit – red and blue for recording and battery power. On the top of the unit is a well-proportioned power button and the DC-In & USB socket (beneath a rubber cover).

    Below the unit is a reset button and the light sensor, and here you will find your serial number too.

    On the right hand side is the HD out socket (covered) and the “protect” button for preserving important moments. On the left hand side is the microphone (reasonably efficient) and the Micro SD card slot.

    So now to the video. These 3 examples have been added on YouTube at 4K resolution so best viewing is on a 4K TV or monitor.

    First up is a quick blast down the M6:


    Later in the day, the rains came down which gave me a different set of weather conditions to look at:


    Here is a bit of Preston...


    Finally, an example of the camera at night - and I think too that the difference over my 412GW is significant. Oh, and don't jump near the end of this, I did when I played it back...


    And so on to my opinions.

    The video is very, very good. Playback on my Samsung S8 is remarkably clear, and sent to my Panasonic 4K television it is excellent, even under the dull conditions my first tests have been done under.

    Night scenes are well exposed (if slightly grainy) but there is so much to see despite it being dark – the exposure is more than acceptable, especially considering that the polariser in place too. Highlights on reg plates burn out but I accept that as being almost unavoidable due to brightness and reflectivity of metal/plastic number plates.

    The touchscreen menu is so intuitive and simple to navigate, responsive and an improvement over earlier models, however it is not hi-res so for video playback you’ll want to use your computer or TV, or mobile phone.

    The GPS latches on quite quickly, and has different colours for the signal strength – green being the best signal.

    I think any perspective buyers would be more than satisfied with purchasing the 612GW Elite – I cannot deny this is the best quality I have personally seen myself and I would have no hesitation in recommending it. The expected price point of 250 may be a stumbling block for some but for that you will get quality dashcam that will serve you well.

    My Observations for future reference:

    The speed readout is wonderful as long as you have the cam in a position that you can see it, though I suspect many people will obscure the screen behind a mirror, however for those that don’t a future update that I think would be beneficial would be to have the speed readout giving options of colours (yellow, green, red, and blue) and the further option to reduce its brightness in 10% increments (especially useful at night).

    Memory cards slots would be more accessible on the right hand side on UK models seeing as we are sat on the right and this would make getiing them out and putting them back a lot quicker and easier.

    That’s about it really. My thoughts are all positive. A high quality camera and well worth the money.

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    I think any perspective buyers would be more than satisfied with purchasing the 612GW Elite I cannot deny this is the best quality I have personally seen myself and I would have no hesitation in recommending it. The expected price point of 250 may be a stumbling block for some but for that you will get quality dashcam that will serve you well.
    I think this is quite a big stumbling block, I have reviewed over 20 plus dash cams and without exception the recording quality is very good, I don't really see the need to go to 4k as it certainly means the added expense of a large memory card or accepting footage will be overwritten very quickly another point is you are filming through glass so although quality can be very clear without doubt the sharpness and quality of 4k would be lost. The dash cam looks nice but it is a very competitive market and when you can get dash cams that offer nearly all these features plus more such as rear view cameras, picture in picture etc for half the price you suggest it will retail for it seems you are paying a big wedge for something I don't personally really see the benefit of.

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    I have the 312GW does the job fine!
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