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    piggzy said:

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    Got an XBOX One Elite.
    Never have any issues with it. Noticed the last couple of weeks the fan usually when loading (more often on a 360 game) goes ape shit for about 5-10 seconds and then silent again.
    I thought ok, full of dust. Got a can of air, blasted the crap out of it, no difference.
    Anyone else have/had similar issues. I wonder if I need to remove a bit of the casing to give it a better blast of air but thought I would ask here first.

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    Nope, never encountered this when i had an elite, got an S now and i find that is also fairly silent from where i sit.

    Just had a quick look at some forums and they just say send it in for repair/replace
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    Yeah, I would say mine is silent 95% of the time, it is just these few second bursts and only when first loading a game when you first choose the game to play. Never does it mid game even when loading mid game.

    Strange one. I do suspect dust, might try having a look inside as it will be out of warranty by now I would think.