Duel sim on a p9

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    My brother just text, can he unlock duel sim options on an 02 Huawei p9 without rooting and flashing the phone ?


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    normally the dual sim version is different hardware. if it is possible asking over at xda fourms may be you best bet
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    Motorola/Lenovo sometimes make separate single/dual sim versions of the same phone.

    Strangely they won't even state on the box which version a phone is, but you can tell from the SKU. E.g. my Moto G 5+ Dual SIM is XT1685, I think XT1684 is European single SIM G5+.

    Then to further complicate things, sometimes they sell dual SIM to a network provider and this version will have the 2nd SIM disabled.

    If you do actually have the dual SIM version but it has been locked down, I believe there is info on XDA to "fix" it.