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    Unfortunately our house got done over last night. Fortunately my possessions still seem to be here, but they got a load of my mum's jewellery.

    We doubt we will see the jewellery again but we want to make sure loans aren't taken out on our names as we know some of my mum's paperwork is missing and I'm not certain if any of my paperwork has gone.

    We have already registered with CIFAS.

    However a mate recently had a string of ID fraud on his name and even after registering with CIFAS, there still were loans from some payday type lenders.

    Is there any system to register to block applications for these type of loans?

    If there is no system, is it worth trying to contact all major chains?
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    I would do that definitely.

    Whilst its a pain, its nothing compared to the agro that you may face if you start getting bailiffs round for debts that aren't yours...
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    The most effective and free way to do this is to update your credit file with a Notice of Correction to the effect no new credit accounts to be created.

    You will need to update Callcredit, Equifax and Experian for it to be effective.

    The alternative is to subscribe to the free or paid for reporting services and keep an eye on them. Some offer alerts, if you want daily ones rather than once a month you may have to pay.

    You could sign up to the free ones, Noodle (Callcredit), Clearscore (Equifax) and MSE Credit club (Experian) at one week intervals to give you a couple of free report refreshes a month.