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    Default ASIC USB? worth picking up on eBay?

    is there any point in picking up one of these from eBay these days? I'm not expecting to make any money but it would be cool to play with one.
    I see the USB dongle ones go for around £40 ish


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    Default Re: ASIC USB? worth picking up on eBay?

    You may be interested in the Antrouter.

    Similar concept/power but you don't have to have a pc running 24/7 to power it.

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    Default Re: ASIC USB? worth picking up on eBay?

    I would hold fire. Any of you crypto whores will have seen the recent forks from blockchain. e.g Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Segwit (B2X) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG).
    Well first off BCH the current winner is making massive gains against BTC and rumours suggest it will possibly replace BTC as the main Crypto.
    B2X failed before they even started, the team fell apart, they went back on promises and then abandoned the project ( a break off group insist it will go ahead )
    Now interestingly BTG went live 2 hours ago. On paper they are better tech wise than Bitcoin and the others above, they also honoured coins at the fork (thank you) e.g. if you held £1000 of bitcoin at the fork you auto had £1000 of BTG ..
    However BTG and this is important to your posts above cannot be mined via ASIC mining. It uses the same crypto as ZCash, eg GPU or CPU only.

    So my point is.... wait a week and see.

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