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    Hi all, long time lurker after some help.

    I have just picked up a Sony HX80 in the sales to replace my canon Legria RF506 as a more portable option for filming video footage for a YouTube channel. I couldn?t quite warrant the cost for one of the RX100?s but haven?t needed 4K recording so far so wasn?t too concerned.

    I have been using it for about a week and am finding the quality is nowhere near as sharp as the canon and can?t seem to find a solution online.

    I?m pretty much a novice when it comes to anything other than auto modes and point and shoot and suspect I got lucky when I got my canon as it just seemed to work.

    I am shooting in XAVC S at 50P (program auto) which from what I can tell is the best available quality on this camera but in low/medium light settings, especially indoors, the picture is very grainy.
    (Outdoor video even in overcast conditions is very crisps and exactly what I was expecting so light seems to be the factor here)

    I bought the Sony as it had good reviews and all the sample footage I have seen from normal people (not promo stuff) shows clear sharp images so I?m pretty sure its user error rather than the camera.

    Anyone here have an idea as to what I?m doing wrong or recommend anything that might improve matters?
    Is there a low light video setting I can?t find (the manual is not helpful here) or even some of the more advanced settings in Manuel mode or aperture/shutter priority I should be looking at?
    Is the camera just not capable for what I want as it?s a compact and the canon handyman has something it doesn?t that helps?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Finally after lurking you need help

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