Mixing CISS ink types ok?

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    Hi all merry xmas and all that,
    Ages ago I fitted my epson R360 with a continuous ink system which worked really well.
    Now some of the reservoirs are near empty I need to get some new ink in there. There seems to be 3 different kinds of ink I can choose from.
    Dye ink, pigment ink and the genuine ink.
    The problem I have is I can't remember what type came with the kit and I'm worried if there will be any problems if I bought one of the others and it got mixed.
    Obviously I plan to buy the cheapest but I figured it would be worth while posting to see if anyone else had an issue in the past.
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    if you empty the remaining ink from all then fill with new, do 3-5 print head cleans then that should flush old ink out & then use new ink to print.