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    Advice Bought a radio which never arrived

    My old pioneer went pop a few months ago so I bought a cheap ?75 android radio unit for my motor.

    i wasn?t expecting much for ?75 but I was expecting It to arrive at the very least.
    So when I got an email to say it had been delivered I went onto eBay and tracked it via yodel site and it states ?left in porch? but we don?t have a porch and I was in all day!

    i opened a case with the seller who said they would send a replacement but eBay have closed the case as the seller issued a tracking number.
    what the f**k? So have I just lost ?75 and eBay are cunts or is there something I can do?

    i thought the seller was responsible for the postage and missing items not the buyer, yodel are super fucking unhelpful bastards.
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    contact paypal via phone
    and explain to them your issue

    there should be somewhere out for this for you if they stating a porch
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    Even open a case with ebay again or in paypal, they should decide in your favour almost always.

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    I had 1 seller contact me after a negative, asking me if i removed the neg he would full refund even though id thrown the aftershave away as was fake.
    any way decided fuck it il have me money back, edited the feedback to neutral, fucker then stopped messaging me, raised with ebay, they said return or nowt we can do...
    even explained and said check our emails still fucked me off.

    So went the PP route sent screen shots etc and they ruled in my fav, seller then messaged me... you're a cunt, which I replied I'm a ?23 better of cunt lol

    Always hit PP and demand your rights.
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    I have opened an appeal on eBay and I’m going to call PP tomorrow.
    really frustrating I have been ripped off on eBay so many times now I’m losing may faith in the whole system.

    People message me all the time saying they haven’t received their item.
    i know Royal Mail is shit but not as bad as they are claiming I just take a hit and resend them unless they are outside the uk when it’s eaiser to refund them.

    I send anything over ?5 by recorded post now because of it.
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    yeah i dont tend to use eBay anymore for these reasons, its a joke these days, it seems everyone is trying to scam everyone else on there
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    I have found that since Ebay and PayPal split Ebay arn't very helpful but PayPal seem to be to the people to contact now.