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    darkstar said:

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    It's long ....bloody long had to watch it in two parts mainly because I found it boring .. mate said give second halve a go it gets better .. no it doesn't.. loved blade runner exallent film..This one had lovely cinematography nice music score same as the first .I could not get into it tho far to long at nearly 3 hours especially with such a slow story line ..not an awfull film but i was hopeing for a better film than this.
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    First film was much better as you say far to long and slow this one.
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    beerman said:

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    I've never watched Bladerunner and after switching off after 20 mins of bladerunner 2049 I probably never will. Slow is an understatement.
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    The only thing that kept me going with BR2049 was the score and cinematography. Personally I found the original film boring as fuck anyway so knew this one was going to be tough to get through. I think I watched it over 3 days.
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    i kept dropping off which probably means anything at my age