Anyone have a franking machine ?

Thread: Anyone have a franking machine ?

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    Advice Anyone have a franking machine ?

    Firstly Iím not 100% sure where to put this so itís in here.

    Two things to ask.....

    I send a fair bit of mail each week approx £60-80 and am looking at getting a franking machine but not sure whatís the best option to go for or even where to go.

    i canít seem to find any basic costs anywhere itís all quotes and I donít want to be spammed by companies trying to sell me shit all day long.

    My wife works for a postal check company and gets paid for recieving and sending mail with tracking modules.
    and they are looking for owners of franking machines to take part.
    Its £20 per month to send out post.

    The email she has received this morning..

    Currently, we are looking for participants for a new survey who use a franking machine within their company and could participate as a business sender of test letters. The participants of the new survey will need to post our test letters via a post office and will receive a monthly bonus of 20 GBP for their task.

    Please feel free to share this information with your friends, family members, etc. In case you are using a franking machine within your company yourself, you are very welcome to participate as well.
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    To follow up.

    Pitney bowes have called with an offer.
    £15pm inc vat and 18p off standard 2nd class letter.

    i dont have a clue if thatís good or not?
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    If you're spending £60 minimum on 2nd class letters, then that's approx. 107 letters per month.
    With the franking rate you'd be paying 38p per letter, times 107 letters - A smidge over £40.

    So even with the £15 fee you'd be better off.
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    Have you looked at that system whereby you can print your own stamps onto labels from your PC.
    I think Royal Mail offer the system
    Just top up online and print what denomination you need.

    just seen they have stopped Smart stamp now, seems you are using the updated system already - apologies for misleeading info.
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    Not seen that system but I currently use click and drop and my site exports all postage data to the Royal Mail site.
    All I do is click print and thatís all.

    i keep getting pestered by rm to use drop and go but that means writing all info onto sheets with postage info and addresses.
    if I can click and print and save money great.
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    Used to have one through PB, off memory other thing to check before you commit:

    Charge to reload postage, I think we paid a flat £3 per time so fine if you put a few hundred on at a time but not if you top up frequently.
    Price of ink - used small cartridges which were expensive so see if alternatives available.
    Length of contract - avoid getting roped in to a 2 year rolling contract.
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    Stupidly entered my details into a comparison site and being hounded by companies where itís now got to the point where Iím just answering and saying no thanks.

    PB want £98 per cartridge and have advised me to seek other suppliers for the ink but Iím not going to bother with this just yet as thereís too much to work out.

    looking into ppi from Royal Mail.
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