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    My Renault kangoo dpf won't regenerate by it self had it done with diagnostic scanner at garage and it was OK for about two weeks now I get injection fault on dash is there a cheap diagnostic scanner that will allow me to do it myself as have spent 100 up to now having it regenerated
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    Take it back to the garage, there service may not be fit for purpose
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    I don't know about Renaults but I will give you a brief low down:

    The DPF is a filter in the exhaust which captures particle matter particles of 10 microns or larger (PM10's). This builds up until the filter is reaching a certain fill level at which point the car should regenerate the DPF on a motorway run.

    Regeneration involved engine changing various settings to get exhaust very hot, and to spray extra unburnt fuel into the exhaust (some cars also spray an extra chemical to make the reaction happen more quickly/at lower temperatures). This breaks the PM10's into finer particles (I believe PM2.5s which are much worse for you than PM10's, but somehow the regulators fell for the whole clean diesel lie).

    In order for regeneration to happen, car must be warmed up nice and on a good long drive. However many engine faults will prevent regeneration, and some subtle engine faults (that may not show up on a computer) may mean the DPF is getting blocked quicker than it should.

    If you don't manage to regenerate the car in time and keep driving it, the DPF will just get further clogged. Up to a certain value, a regeneration can be forced by diagnostic computer but after a higher fill level is reached, regeneration is impossible as it risks burning the vehicle down.

    If the DPF gets to this level, the official repair method is to fit a new DPF. However the unofficial method is to clean the DPF using special chemicals or by putting it in an industrial oven, then fitting back to car and playing with computer to let car work properly again. Due to the risk of fire I would not recommend the cleaning method unless you know what you are doing.

    DPFs (like exhausts) are considered serviceable items meaning they were never designed to live the life of the car. After enough use, they will stop functioning correctly, and will need to be replaced.

    Some dodgy garages may offer to drill through the DPF and remap the ECU so the car is not expecting a DPF anymore. This method has been illegal from day 1, and all the idiots who thought it would be a great idea will get a dose of reality when new MOT regs come in later this year.

    I realise the cost of a DPF is quite high, often into 4 figures. This is why in my opinion, the whole idea of pumping "clean" diesel cars to average customers was a massive farce. (I have nothing against diesel owners, in fact I own one myself. I just don't like all the lies that have spurred on the high number of diesel cars driven by the normal public these days).
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    Some vehicles wont regen with less than a quarter of a tank of diesel either...
    If you have to go down the route of a replacement, never fit an aftermarket unit, these are smaller internally, thus block up faster causing more frequent regens, causing poor fuel consumption.
    Where possible have them cleaned or fit an oem unit, that will most likely write off the vehicle.

    on a side note, if you listen to traffic news there is always a vehicle fire causing an issue, If you think that a dpf regens about 600- 700 degrees and you have an oil leak from the turbo area going on to the dpf no wonder they set on fire.

    Also anyone else notice the irony of "stopping polluting" by chucking more fuel at the job, just sayin'

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