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    Hi chaps. Thinking about getting something that I can record films etc. to that will sit in line between a hdmi feed and the TV. I seen some similar things in town the other day but seems to be aimed at gamers to capture game play. I would presume these would be ok and not too expensive either but then I think they also may be pretty low with the quality and also glitchy? Got some external usb (usb 2) drives I could attach to the device for the actual recording.

    Anyone got anything for videos as opposed to games and if so, any recommendations/ feedback on them. Thanks.
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    Depends what your budget is.
    Check out the Happauge 1480 [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] this has a HDMI passthru so you can still watch whats on the TV. Encodes 1080p at 30fps. Looking for cheaper? Maybe a cheapo PVR but these can be used from Tesco etc. but it depends what you want. The Happauge is a good piece of kit and you can buy direct from them for 150 euros!

    You will still need a PC but it will not need to be particularly powerful.

    What's the reason for it? Might be able to give better suggestions if we know what it will be used for
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    without saying too much, capturing films via hdmi ???, all can be done from a PC with and without the disc, with the end result, lossless or what ever format you want,
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    better of just downloading the movies rather than capture imo. lot less hassle
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    If its is bought BR movies you hoping to capture, your out of luck as there is a protection within the HDMI data. If it is VHS bought then they are also macro protected, however there is a work around available
    As above.. it all depends on what your wanting to capture tbh !
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    Thats a bit of a blow, seemed a usefull idea.