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    Default Honor 9 Lite

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    Just ordered my son one of these phones. He's 9 but to be honest, we were not going to bother buying him a phone for at least another year or so. However, I just bought him a DJI Tello Drone which is controlled via phone PLUS, the main clincher was an incident last week when he went to a new school friends house for the first time and when we went to pick him up, they'd been playing out the back yet when we went to get him, he and his friend were nowhere to be seen and his friends mum couldn't even tell us where he was! yes he's 10 but still, when he's in someone else's care, they have a duty to know where that child is at all times. Sadly, it's not like when we were kids and we'd go out at 10 in the morning and roll back at 5 in time for tea . Thankfully they were only a short distance away in another boys house.

    Anyway we decided we needed to be able to contact him when he's at friends house and vice versa but ain't no way he's having hundreds and hundreds of quids worth of phone with him.

    After much reading of reviews of loads of different "budget" phones, the Honor 9 Lite came out in multiple reviews as THE absolute best choice out there.

    Octocore CPU, 3gb RAM, 32Gb storage Micro-SD slot for expansion 18:9 display. Not network locked at only £170.

    It's missing a few of the latest features such as USB-C and a "premium CPU" like in some big name brands but that's not exactly an issue for what we need it for.

    It's been delivered so I'll go about setting it all up and locking down some stuff but the various reviews out there are very promising for such a cheap phone.

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    Thanks to dpSparhawk

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    Default Re: Honor 9 Lite

    don't buy a phone, buy a gps tracker instead. not kidding.

    my yongest has one and cant get him of it he is alsow 10

    so think twice.

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