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    ilscuro said:

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    I'm looking to extend the signal from my living room IPTV box to my bedroom TV, there are some wireless hdmi senders on Ebay costing around £75, does anyone have these setup? Are they any good?

    I remember years ago doing the same with a video recorder sender and it was a load of crap lol

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    We had some senders and they were shit didnít even make the next room.

    I think it would be cheaper to just get a firestick and a new sub. at least it will work and you will have multi room too
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    piggzy said:

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    As TJ said . Shite.

    This is a better solution if you don't mind running cables : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HDMI-Over...4AAOSwfSZZlscX