I'm Getting A New Modem And Router.

Thread: I'm Getting A New Modem And Router.

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    Hey all,

    My current modem and router and pieces of junk. On Sunday I'll be getting a higher end modem and higher end router. I want to make sure I set these things up correctly.

    I'm first obviously going to unplug my current modem and router.

    After that, I will hook up my new modem. After I hook up the new modem, do I call my cable provider to activate it, or do I also connect the router before calling them?

    I thought I had heard somewhere it is bad to hook up the router to a new modem that has not yet been activated by the cable company. Can someone just list the appropriate steps to doing this?

    If it helps, my new modem is a Removed and my new router is a TP-LINK AC1900.

    Thank you.
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