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is this the start of paid iptv ending
SET TV being sued.
Set TV is being sued by Amazon Content Services, LLC;Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.;Disney Enterprises, Inc.; NetflixStudios, LLC; Paramount PicturesCorporation; Sony Pictures TelevisionInc.; Twentieth Century Fox FilmCorporation; Universal City StudiosProductions LLLP; Universal CableProductions LLC; Universal TelevisionLLC; Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Okay that was a long list, Set TV was a paid service that offered IPTV for $20 dollars which included an APK, and also had an extensive section of Movies and TV shows video on demand.
What this means to the customers?

Absolutley nothing. They have decided to cut the snakeís head off to show all the other IPTV providers and set an example. The case looks very real. SET TV was making so much news on the internet that it was just a matter of time, when the hammer will strike.
Link to Court Filling
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The court filling looks legit, and is uploaded by Nat Levy, which uploads many cases and court orders for these kind of issues.
What are these companies sueing SET TV looking for, they are basically looking for $150,000 dollars per title for each infringement, and for SET TV to stop operating. As of today April 21, 2018 it looks like SET TV is still operating. Letís follow this case closely and see how it unfolds
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