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    Default Crypto Mining - Change in profitability.

    Just a heads up to any miners out there.

    A recent change due to a fork in Monero has led to an increased profit in mining XMR.
    It was already the most profitable coin to mine with a decent setup but I noticed a large increase in how quickly it was mining post change.

    If any of you are using any of those setups where you mine a random currency based on the mining pool working out the most profitable coin to mine and then they pay you in BTC regardless of the coin you mine I would seriously look at mining XMR directly and selling to BTC yourself and you will get far more coin then these automated ones who are taking advantage of the increase and robbing you all of the increase.

    Mine XMR directly, sell to whatever coin you want for maximum gain. We are talking a 25% increase in payout.

    Just me 2p.

    I mined about $50 of XMR just using a bunch of machines I have access to due to the nature of my work :-)
    With a monster GPU rig I reckon you could mine close to $700 per month atm.

    Thanks to piggzy

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