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    Default Re: New Coffee gadget . Possible Aeropress beater :-)

    Yeah I've use nespresso in the past (shudder Nestle are cunts) and I do like it but not tried a portable one and I like a gadget I can take when we go away etc.

    Still not made my mind up as I am having a coffee break until my next appt at cardiology just to see if there is any difference in BP. I know coffee makes a short term rise to BP but I want to see if it has any effect long term for me, if it does I might be knocking it on the head etc


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    Default Re: New Coffee gadget . Possible Aeropress beater :-)

    So, I finally got round to getting an Oomph.

    Sturdy bastard it is and bigger than you might expect. Initial thoughts were "wtf have I wasted my money on" but this is mostly down to the fact that with the Aeropress, you put one scoop of coffee in, fill up to the number 4, wait a minute and press it through.

    With the Oomph, the measurements are different. yes you can put a single scoop of coffee in and measure out the same amount of water you would have used previously but that all seems to be on the low side for the much larger Oomph. Unlike the AP, the water starts filtering through quite quickly which did make me think I was going to end up with a piss weak coffee..... and I did.

    So, it was back to the drawing board. There are two lines on the Oomph. A minimum and maximum and in between those lines is what they call the Oomph zone. Today I learned that if I put a scoop and a half in and then enough water to go around halfway between those lines, the resulting coffee is MUCH better. It still seems to filter through but it equalises. What you don't realise is that not much water has gone through and the majority if it is indeed with the coffee grounds. Of course this all depends on your brand / roast of coffee.

    Give it a couple of minutes and then plunge. Now that bit's a fkin' chore. Hard work getting it down but once you're there and locked in place, you have your coffee. Popped some milk in and enjoyed!.

    Yes, it's a larger measure overall than a regular mug but that's no bad thing.
    Like anything, it's about a bit of practice until you get the right amount of coffee and water.

    I don't think my AP is set for the back of the cupboard, I'll just take it home and it'll be useful for a quick decent coffee fix instead of using the Gaggia. I generally only tend to get that out when I have guests anyway.

    My Oomph is for in work and get me through the day it will, either as a nice coffee maker or as a weapon against that / those colleagues we all have to put up with!!!

    They say it can be cleaned in 18 seconds. Yeah to be honest, if you give it a good rinse out with some hot water, that's feasible. However, if you really want to give it a decent clean and get ALL of the remaining coffee leas off the filter, you have to dismantle it. Very simple to be fair but it's longer than 18 seconds. That said, it can be fully cleaned within a minute so no hardship there.

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    Default Re: New Coffee gadget . Possible Aeropress beater :-)

    Theres an add on filter unit for the AP called a Prismo:

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