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    A quick introduction for you all. I'm a Scot now living in the deepest depths of Englandshire (because it's warmer). I'm a mechanical engineer working for a large European company. I'm the one the customer phones and shouts at when their equipment breaks and I help them fix it.

    I have a keen interest in PC hardware and play quite a lot of games. I also enjoy just keeping up with emerging technology to make sure I don't miss the robot apocalypse.

    Aside from digital stuff I have been riding motorcycles since I was 16, I hold a private pilot licence and I've just taken up a new hobby in flying RC helicopters (badly).

    Looking forward to some engaging discussions.
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    Best intro this year, welcome to Digital Forums. Please check the Rules and also your welcome message you got when you registered.

    We have a large selection of stuff here for you to view/reply on so go fill ya bootz
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    Welcome yarmash.