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    Moved a powerline adaptor from one room to another about 6 months ago and decided to move it back this week but it doesn't seem to allow a connection although all lights show its connected and ready for data.

    I've tried changing cables and tried the equipment in the other room with the same powerline and it works just not in the original socket.

    Anything else I could try as seems strange it used to work and now doesn't
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    Check the Earth on the socket is connected.
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    If you put the two powerline adapters next to each other does it work ok? They can be a bit moody sometimes, I have found that in some installs they seem to work pretty well to begin with and over time get a bit hit and miss but this might just be coincidence and other factors are at play.

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    Indeed, we had a couple that had really slowed down and no end of rebooting/repositioning seemed to help. We recently had a power cut and they are all now back to normal!!
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    Does your brand of adaptor have a utility program available? Sometimes they can help diagnosing network faults or kicking the adaptors into life.

    You might also try resetting any circuit breakers or RCDs which the power circuits pass through.