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    Question Leaving a car parked up for 6 months plus

    I'm driving over to Italy soon and the car i drive over in is going to be left there forever, it will be parked in my garage when i'm not there but this could be for 6 months or more, so will it be ok to do this?

    I will obviously disconnect the battery, and leave the handbrake off, is there anything else?

    Will the engine be ok left for so long?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Leaving a car parked up for 6 months plus

    Make sure it has oil and coolant (plain water can freeze). Also leave the fuel tank fairly low as fuel eventually goes off. If it's low you should be able top top up enough fresh fuel to dilute the junk if it goes bad.

    Safest is to get someone to start it every so often and move it a bit if possible.

    Part of it is just luck. I've started up cars that have been left for couple of years and they have had nothing wrong apart from rusty brakes. Or last year I had bad luck with an old S class, didn't drive it for just 1 week and found one of the air suspension struts failed along with the engine control unit.

    All this is just for regular cars. Hybrid/electrics have special considerations for battery maintenance.

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    Default Re: Leaving a car parked up for 6 months plus

    If it's a petrol than I'd be inclined to add some fuel stabilizers or run the car then pull the fuse on the fuel pump.Petrol goes off which forms peroxides that attack rubber/metal hoses/linings in the fuel line etc
    Leave the tank half full to stop water vapour being drawn into the tank.
    If possible have the battery hooked up to a battery conditioner type charger.

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