New Sony camera. Mirrorless.

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    piggzy said:

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    Not my purchase but I thought I would post up as I see a few of you are Pro Photographers and hobbyists etc.

    Got a friend/customer who is a Pro mostly wedding Photographer and is very good, well renowned in my county.
    Any hoo he started out on Nikon, then moved to Canon moved up the 5D's to the mk4, but he just took a punt on this Sony A7 mk3 I think its called.

    Now I know a bit (hobbyist using Canon) and always assumed the Canon mk4 is/was the benchmark for a lot of Pro's (at least thats what I think his main one was, he had a few Canon's)

    Was looking at a load of his photos and was blown away. It wasn't a small difference between the Canon and the Sony but I have to be honest the Sony was a very big improvement.
    When it came to ISO it left the Canon standing.

    Anyone else had a play?
    Being mirrorless he said the biggest thing was lack of EVF he was struggling to get used to.....

    What are your thoughts on mirrorless?? No doubt Canon probably have a release lined up with ridiculous features ...
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    ilscuro said:

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    I know of a few pro's who are or have moved over to Sony from Nikon, Canon etc, Sony's eye focus is something else, the only negative with Sony is the cost of bodies, (A9 is around 3 grand body only) and lenses are prohibitively expensive
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    Ashley said:

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    Visited Norway last October and on a tour the guide had the Sony camera for tracking the Northern Lights.

    The pictures he took with this were astounding to be honest.

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    {{909}} said:

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    full frame mirrorless is just too damn expensive for me to justify moving to it, the guys shifting pro gear across brands must be either getting super deals on their old gear or making some serious money.

    If anyone asks me to recommend a camera, I'd say mirrorless every time, but I'd tell em to go with anything other than full frame mirrorless. The cameras are so big and the lenses are the same size as full frame DSLR lenses, so without the size advantage I think most people will end up dragging them around the park for a few months before ebaying the lot, like most DSLR users do when theyre tired of lugging kit.
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    Is something like this going to change the world of photography forever tho? [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Because of the way it takes a photo it captures a 3d layout and you can adjust/change who or what is on focus :-0