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    SciFi Patrick obie

    I was wondering if there was a sat nav on the market that can take incoming call automatically say after 3/4 rings . As for my self I am living in Bedfordshire from Germany originally served in the army both UK and South Africa.

    I have nothing to offer regarding technical issues but for anything else feel free to pick my brain. Regards to all
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    SciFi Patrick obie

    The reason I have asked this is that I just want a decent sat nav to go with my phone . I have a Tomtom at the moment but its antiquated and I have been on my PC for hours tryiing to locate one and then I came across some forums and deided to pick what I hope to be the best . I don't have much on at the moment lost my job so looking for a new change.
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    in google type
    best sat nav 2018

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