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Stranger Things 4 was 10/10 TV for me. Not has good a S1, but so so so so much better than 2 and 3.
Moonknight was very good.
The Boys - agree. Such good TV. Looks like S3 is back to S1 standard.
Peacemaker - was very good. Didn't take itself seriously and just a fun ride.

Fear the Walking Dead - still shit since it became The Morgan Show, but have to see how it ends.
The Walking Dead - still shit, but finally dies later this year.
Star Trek - Strange New Worlds. Excellent.
The Orville - excellent.
Severance - amazing, got to give this a try.
Westworld - back for S4 soon. S1 - hooked, S2 - good to meh. S3 - car crash, total and utter dog toffee.
Bloody hell, everything except severance which I've not seen your spot on the same reviews I'd give and shows I'm watching lol.

Only 1 I'd add is killing eve, quite enjoyed that for a British show