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    Default Getting made redundant.

    OK, found out this morning I'm getting made redundant. It's not immediate and the company (Novartis) are potentially going to be offering some re-training packages. So what should I be looking for to stand me in good stead? I've always been fairly hands on with PC's, TV's etc. I was thinking of maybe something in that area. Any advice would really be appreciated!


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    Default Re: Getting made redundant.

    Hi TJB. really sorry to hear you're being made redundant, I took semi voluntary redundancy at Christmas from my last job.

    I'd worked for a company as an IT Technician for the last 5 years. As far as courses are concerned it's a difficult one as it really depends on the area of IT you want to work in as it's a huge discipline. I'd always been into computers but when I started working as a technician in the corporate field it's really quite different.

    As far as course suggestions they range from basic stuff like CompTIA, then to Microsoft Certification (there are lots of different ones so have a look at the ones that require minimal previous study). You've then got network based study such as Cisco's CCNA and associated courses.

    Good luck in what ever you try and PM me if you think I can help - no guarantee I can lol but IT is a good field to retrain in if you think it will interest you.

    Thanks to tef89

    JonEp (25th September 2018)  

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