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    Xbox Series S/X anyone?

    Ok, so since the downtime and missing posts due to missing backups we have no talk of the next generation of consoles.
    Did anyone bother upgrading to the Series S or X?
    I managed to get an X about 12 months ago and am loving it. The quick resume is wonderful due to the ssd, it’s ‘almost’ like going back to the old cartridge based consoles with the speed of pressing on to getting into your game.
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, the funky gibbon.

    Thanks to funkyg

    ss30 (1 Week Ago)  

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    Default Re: Series S/X anyone?

    Yeh got my son an X when it came outand he loves it. Used the upgrade gold to game pass route on hot deals and got 3 years game pass for £121.

    I got a digital ps5 which I like but I think game pass will win this generation for Microsoft. I'm tempted to switch to an S for that reason

    Although son shares game pass with his mate so would need to get my own, that's gratitude for you

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