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    SciFi TINY pc's.5

    No, not the old company Tiny that distro'd computers but actual super small form factor desktops.

    Bought a lenovo one for 50 sheets as some sort of project thing and to use up a load of old tat from my IT MacGyver drawer.

    Seems some pretty decent bit of kit for the money. And there's a few applications I have for it.

    I think the are mostly used as dumb terminals for lots of display screens. Mine has three DisplayPort sockets on it!

    Little SSD and 8gb ram, and its pretty rapid for a semi portable unit.

    DJ OD

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    Default Re: TINY pc's.5

    It’s crazy what power you can get from such small form factors. Dell have some Ultra PCs which are full blown specs built into a slim module that fits inside the monitor stand. Bit of a PITA to wire in and access thereafter though and if anything breaks out of warranty then could be expensive as only one or two components are removable but looks neat when set up.

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