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    Default Macbook pro lemon not apple?

    Although I have been longtime user and admirer of Iphonesand Ipad I have never had a mac, had a few burning a hole in pocket and bought an old macbook pro to mess around with.
    I have never used a Mac computer before and been getting my head round mac book pro, it is a mid 2010 model with i7 8gig of ram and 15" screen. Please forgive me if I got any of this wrong as I am a newb,
    I noticed when I go into launchpad some of the tiles are vague round edges, like ghosting and sometimes the wrong colour, sometimes ok, so I start reading about AMD graphics chips guilty of being shit and needing reballed and another guy saiyinghow to turn it off and just use INTEL HD graphics and not the AMD, so I look at mine in displays and it only shows the intel card, no mention of any other graphics. am I being paranoid or doing something completely wrong or been ripped off with a "lemon" and not an apple ?
    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Macbook pro lemon not apple?

    Do you have any pics? I have found some older macs develop LCD faults such as dark patches. When you say wrong colour do you mean inverted or the wrong shade is being produced?

    8 year old macbook is brave, was it one of those groupon deals or similar? I'm having so many people ask me about buying them and I just say to them would they buy an 8 year old computer, phone, tv etc? The answer is usually no. The problem is when the model reaches EOL as far as macOS updates are concerned you will find more and more apps will refuse to install. One of my cstomers had to upgrade their macbook air purely becuase it wouldn't run Skype any more!

    If it came with any warranty I'd be tempted to use this as the reason for a return and refund and maybe look at a newer model if you liked the operating system or even run a macOS VM on a good spec laptop or even look at a hackintosh.

    Thanks to evilsatan

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