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    Default Seamless display dual monitors

    Hi everyone

    Apology if I've posted this in the wrong section.

    I want to set up my current dual 2 screens so that they are merged like one seamless screen, The purpose for this isn't to do with gaming, but to utilise both screens when watching videos.

    My current hardware:
    1) Dell latitude 5501 with 1 HDMI port
    2) 2 x E2422H with a display and vga port at the back
    3) Display adapter within Device manager:
    Dell Universal Dock D6000
    Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630
    NVIDIA GeForce MX150

    Because there's only a single hdmi port on the laptop and no display ports, I'm using a Dell Universal Dock D6000 which has a single HDMI port, 2x Display ports and 2x USB 3.0 ports.

    A quick google search tells me that depending on my graphics card, that I need to right click on desktop and go to NVIDIA control panel, 3D settings and select Configure Surround. But I don't have this option.

    Is this because I'm using a Dell Universal Dock D6000 ? If so, would I need to connect both monitors directly i.e. using a DP to HDMI adapter ?

    I already have dual monitors setup as independent monitors i.e. I can drag windows across, which is not what I'm asking for, I want to be able to have it as one seamless screen for watching movies, youtube videos etc...


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    Default Re: Seamless display dual monitors

    I’ve never tried this but I’d expect both monitors would need to be using the same display adaptor, and software for that adaptor would need configuring. Can you see if you have Intel Graphics software installed and have a poke around in there for a setting?

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    Default Re: Seamless display dual monitors

    surely no matter how wide you make the screen appear with 2 monitors the 16:9 or any of the others will dictate how much screen it will fill. Just tried it with my 2 monitors and the viewable area is dictated by the height of the monitor screens so I still see no more than I can on 1 monitor

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