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    DJ Overdose said:

    Weird Ozark

    I am sure there was a thread already about this series, but I cannot seem to find it...

    I watched the first series of this and found it had a great start, but then seemed to be a bit slow. The story was okay, but I found the pace of it all a bit all over the place.

    Anyway, just realised I had missed on the release of the second series, and downloaded them all.

    What a fuck up... after over a year between seasons I could barely remember the story let alone peoples names and shit. There was no usual catch up bit at the start of the season premier, so I advise anyone interesting in watching the lot should do season 2 straight after the first.

    Its not a bad series, but again the pace of it is annoying me. I'm about four episodes in to the second season and its okay, but I find it easy to be distracted by other things... like a spider walking on my wall.

    DJ OD
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    Teajunkie said:

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    This program was possibly one of the best series i have seen in a while.
    We watched the last episode again before we started season 2 and found it a little hard to keep up at first but it didn't let us down at all.

    If you haven't watched this yet i strongly advise it.
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    ss30 said:

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    Great series can't wait for season 3, how it all turn's in season 2!
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    Mickey said:

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    watched the finale a few weeks back, was a labour of love but worth a watch
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    piggzy said:

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    Loved Season 1 but struggling to motivate with second season... about 5 episodes in I think and not been as gripped at all :-(
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    mitchb said:

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    Same here loved season 1 just not gripped by season 2 and it became a bit of a slog.

    Not fussed if it comes back tbh
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    CominAtcha said:

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    Ozark is excellent. Pretty much loved all of it.