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    ScottishSte01 said:

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    Hello everybody
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    ilscuro said:

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    Hello and welcome, i'm about 3 miles from New Mills

    Make sure you read the rules and all will be fine.
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    Mickey said:

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    Thanks for the effort of writing an introduction, we can tell a lot from what you have put

    Welcome to digital forums
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    Teajunkie said:

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    This has to be the most in depth description about a new user I have ever read!

    And even though I had a lot to do today, I stuck with it and read it through until the end.
    I was shocked to learn about some of the things you have encountered and overcome during your life and the problems you have overcome.

    You are are a brave man and I would be proud to call you a friend.
    Sorry I can’t type anymore I’m too emotional.
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